About Veb

Why, hello! We're Veb as you already know. Enough with the rhymes - You're probably here because your company needs a strong online presence, and you'd prefer working with a team you can trust. We are that team.

Veb, Inc. was founded in 2016 by long-time Internet marketer and inbound marketing specialist Mario Fanzolato. He continues to run his personal website, but recently decided to focus on helping others build and manage a functional website that gets traffic. This is actually what we do here at Veb. We craft and maintain scalable websites that generate leads, period.

Users visiting our sites are targeted to a specific niche market, and are, therefore, highly-qualified. While our competitors are trying to be everything to everyone, we've narrowed things down a bit; Our ideal clientele consist of both individuals and companies wanting to expand beyond a pretty Web page. They understand the value of potential customers calling them (rather than it being the other way around), and are willing to pay for it.

So, how do we deliver results? It begins with a process. McDonald's would not have succeeded at selling crappy products so effectively without a process. It's what allows us to do what we to best, marketing.

In order to create a fantastic website that tells your story in a way that attracts & emotionally connects people to your products and/or services, we need technologies in place that facilitate both design and development, so we've got this down to a "T" (no pun intended). We also need to research your industry, particularly what individuals are searching for in relation to it... and we have a strategy for that as well.

But what about features unique to your business or organization? We love websites; It's what drives us to get up in the morning, even on a cold Montréal winter's day. And inbound marketing is simply a website done right. While a function-first approach is critical, we still need to market, but it can compared to the glue that fills the cracks. This method of working allows us to keep things natural, and your audience feels this.