While the following website builders can be deemed complete, they most likely do not carry all of the functionality you'd want out of a content management system. That said, the hosted sitebuilders on this page come close to what could be considered all-in-one software as a service.


" Online publishers need a domain name, Web hosting, and great software. Several website builders today provide that with technical support to boot. "

Mario Fanzolato, Veb Founder


Keep in mind when ultimately selecting a website builder that, of the options below, not a single one is better than any other in every possible way. The sitebuilder you go with depends on what you're going to use it for, and, therefore, should reflect this in their feature-set and functionality.



Squarespace is a powerful, secure solution that tailors to an unlimited number of industries. As a blogging platform, it's second to none (even WordPress in our opinion). Their interface is intuitive and everything about this product, including their templates (which are more like frameworks for your content), is beautiful. Its flexibility in terms of design customization (without the need for coding knowledge) along with its e-commerce & basic CRM functionality (allowing users to sell both physical and digital products [albeit non-recurring at this time] as well as accept donations) make it a very strong all-in-one option.



Weebly is an excellent product for individuals who are less tech-savvy or don't have the time to embrace one with a higher learning curve. The software makes designing your website and optionally selling products (both physical and digital) and/or services fairly easy, and by the same token, there are some limitations in what it can do. That said, it does take turn-key to another level, allowing users to create a beautiful website in less time and with less hassle.


Content & Updates

As an inbound marketing agency, content forms the backbone of each and every website we create. Content is what connects you to your audience in ways that design and development alone never could. It's how they'll get to know you, and a means for building a trusty network. At Veb, as with other elements of your project, we take care of all content updates and can even devise a content plan at start-up for individuals or companies without a prior vision for their site's primary message.


Domain Name

Domain name brainstorming, registration, implementation (i.e. mapping) and management is also included. Considered by many to be a minor detail, your domain name (also known as a URL), in truth, greatly affects brand equity with regards to online publishing. We'll help you strategize the best name to represent your website based on several criteria, and host it for you as well. As with all other elements in Simple, associated domain name charges (if applicable) are absorbed in the overall cost of the service package.