Why Inbound Marketing?

Asking why inbound marketing should be important to you or your organization is like asking why anyone or any entity would need a lead-generating website in this day and age. Given that the two are essentially the same thing, and they are, it's curious how countless individuals, companies, and non-profits push it aside (and in some cases leave it as a last resort) in their digital marketing strategy.

But before we delve into the question, we should establish that, in virtually every scenario, inbound marketing trumps all other means of online marketing in terms of income potential. It's the reason why the few online monopolies want to keep you on their site(s) or get you there as quickly as possible - and this extends beyond brands that rely on the website itself as part of their business model. So, for example, Apple, Incorporated, which sells physical tech products prefers you visit Apple.com over their social media pages.

To be continued ... (Design, content, and branding control; Recent studies show that the majority of users actually want this type of brand-unique content delivery and interaction - segmenting markets into smaller groups of specialized brands)