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Need a blog, website or full-out online presence? The iForm (i.e. the form just below) is reserved for individuals and companies looking to start a new project (and optionally have us maintain it in the future). Complete the questionnaire and you'll receive a free, 30-minute consultation with one of our inbound marketing experts to discuss your online goals. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase our services thereafter.

Name *
Which One Best Describes You? *
If you'd like us to migrate an existing website of yours over to another platform and/or Web host, please note the current Web address.
What is the approximate number of pages you anticipate your new site will require?
What is the approximate number of images you anticipate your new site will require, not including the logo, header(s), background, etc.
Website Management
Are you interested in having us maintain your website once set up, or would you (or your in-house webmaster) prefer having access to our content management system's user-interface to edit (or expand) the website independently in the future?
Our 'advanced' monthly maintenance packages include top organic search engine listings for the most popular keywords related to your industry. 'Advanced' services also include our unconditional support (for site edits/additions and online marketing advice) along with guaranteed rankings. 'Basic' management services include 8 hours per month of our unconditional support. Please contact us for more details.
Are you interested in marketing your website (and associated products/services [if applicable]) locally, nationally, or internationally? Please provide some brief details of where in particular you'd like to advertise your new website {Example 1: The English-speaking market in general (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc)} {Example 2: My home town only}
Featured Name
Featured Name
This is the name of the person for which the site will be based around (if applicable)
This is the name of your company or organization (if applicable).
Business Phone
Business Phone
This is the business phone number (cell or landline) of the primary contact. Note: 'Country' code for North America is 1.
This is the country where the company, organization, or featured individual is based.
This is the main region within the headquarter country of your company, organization, etc.
This is the city of operation (within the above mentioned state/province and country) for your company, organization, etc.
This is the street address (with suite #, if applicable) of your company, organization, etc.
This is the area of specialization of your business, non-profit, etc. Please include brief details (eg: Real Estate Agent, Luxury Homes).
These are the types of products and/or services that are offered by your company, organization, etc. Note: In the case of selling products directly & securely through your website, there may be additional fees for integrating advanced e-commerce solutions.
Approximate Number of Products/Services Offered (If Applicable)
Payment Processing for Products/Services (If Applicable)
Select an option for processing payments associated with your products/services (if applicable).
These are popular keywords/phrases that you think individuals might use when searching (at Google and other popular search engines) for what you have to offer. Please separate each one with a comma.
Please specify whether or not you are an independent entity, or affiliated with a larger enterprise - including some brief details.
If affiliated, would including their brand name in your website address (also known as a domain name or URL) infringe on any copyrights?
If affiliated, do you have the right to use any of the enterprise's brand information on your site?
Do you have full rights to use any of the enterprise’s information (including, but not limited to, their brand name, logo, slogan, and mission statement) on your upcoming website's pages?
Display Language(s)
The option of including any language version of your site is available, however, there are additional fees for professional translation services {Our standard prices are typically multiplied by the number of individual languages, and in some cases slightly higher for single-language websites displayed in a language other than English}.
Include some brief details on the demographics of your preferred website visitor (and customer [if applicable]). Specify the gender (male or female), age range, entity type (business or individual), etc.
Preferred Website Layout for Generic Pages
Your 'Home' page should be unique and represent your brand to its fullest, however, for content-heavy (i.e. large) sites, a consistent/generic structure helps keep pagination organized for a better user experience. Single-column, 2-column, and 3-column options are generally the most popular. Sidebar content can run through all pages where the sidebar is present or within page sections; As your site will be mobile-responsive, sidebar content will display below the main content area on smaller-screen devices such as tablets and smartphones.
Specify if you'd rather a family-friendly or corporate look, simple or outgoing design, and the colors of preference in general, etc. Likewise, feel free to note any existing websites that match what you're looking for.
Website Completion Date
Website Completion Date
Please specify the approximate calendar date you need your website to be completed by.
Please note any online locations (specifying the website address, otherwise known as a URL) where additional information on your company, organization, etc may be found. For example, if you have a YouTube channel or have contributed/uploaded articles/images/etc to an existing website, we'd like to know where to find them.
Most of the websites we build are not yet hosted, nor have a domain name attached to them at start-up. Our recommendation is to wait for us to contact you before taking a decision into the matter, as these elements are closely related to the type of project you're looking to create as well as your online goals & branding strategy, etc.
If you have any additional instructions related to your project, please include them here.
We occasionally offer a promotional code related to our services. If you have one, please enter it here.
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Veb is dedicated to providing top-notch service. That said, your support means a lot. Would you, your company or organization be open to having us place a very subtle link (directed towards our site) in your new site's footer. It'll help promote Veb, which, in turn, enables us to keep prices low for our valued customers.